免费 AI 图像生成提示词

Reusable generative AI style prompts for better images
可重复使用的生成式 AI 风格提示更好的图像

Freeflo is a free service to jumpstart AI image creation with curated, beautiful, reusable styles. You can use our styles in your favourite image generator, be it Midjourney, Stability or Firefly. Copy the prompt, swap the subject and drop it into your favourite generator. All completely free. New styles drop every week for every type of image you need.

Freeflo 是一项免费服务,可通过精心策划、美观且可重复使用的样式快速启动 AI 图像创建。您可以在您最喜欢的图像生成器中使用我们的样式,无论是 Midjourney、Stability 还是 Firefly。复制提示,交换主题并将其放入您最喜欢的生成器中。全部完全免费。每周都会针对您需要的每种图像类型推出新款式。